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General and Family Medicine

The family is an important part of society. The importance of the health of the household cannot be ignored; it is very crucial to take proper care of our health. The FMC Medical Center is committed to the delivery of excellent healthcare services as we offer preventive care services to cater for the medical needs of the family.
We are renowned for our profound commitment to excellence when the issue of family health is at stake. Our professional medical practitioners are proficient in the provision of exceptional curative services. Our purpose is to offer comfort for all individuals.
Our services are as follows;

– Provision of diagnosis to discover signs of diseases in the body and treatment of the health disorders.
– Provision of treatment plan for acute health disorders such as heart ailments, arthritis, asthma, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and others
– Handling and management of ailments associated with the liver, kidney, nervous system, respiratory system and the digestive systems.
– Administering Immunizations, Nutrition Management and Lifestyle
– Provision of child and adolescent treatment plan and management.
– Consistent medical check-up
– Provision of Elderly and Geriatric medical needs, illness healing and management

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